Our morning started a little earlier for a little reflection and a rock to hold on to or let go of – the choice was ours. What to let go of? What to hold on to? My mind was racing. I’d let go of the debt I’ll probably never get out from under, and I’ll hold on to the support that was there for me on day one and is still here for me today.  

Breakfast came next and a letter to my self.  Next, we met our river guides. My guide was Jack. 

We dressed up in our gear in which I have no photographs of because I chose to take in the moment and enjoy all of it! Jack was everything you want from a fishing guide. He helped me get to a great spot in which I was able to catch a fish. Oh, the excitement when I felt that tug on my line! I reeled that guy in as he twisted and fought to discover he was a wee little sun fish. But Jack made me feel like I’d caught a whopper of a fish! He was too funny. He had to rescue the fly the tiny fish tried to swallow down to his tail. It took a special little tool, but he got it and off that little guy went to probably tell all his friends to avoid me. 

I’d get a few bites here and there. The camera guy came by and took some pictures, and just as he was walking away I caught a little bass. Oh, it was so fun! I gave it a sweet little kiss for the picture and sent him back down the river for another person to catch on another day. 

As exciting as it was to catch those two fish, there was something quite heavenly about learning to cast. Jack made it look so peacefully beautiful and as he taught me how to make that line dance, I fell in love with fly fishing. It’s as though in that moment when the line starts to sing that the Angels assend from heaven to cover you in peace. It was beautiful! I’ll do it again. 

All great things come to an end so did this. We had lunch, received our fly fishing certificates, said goodbye to our guides and went back upstairs for our last words around the circle. There was joy. There were tears. There was love. There was healing. We all left Glen Rose a little different than we came.