About Courage to Conquer Cancer


The Courage to Conquer Cancer Organization, was created by a breast cancer survivor and her family as a way to give back and help other women recover from breast cancer. The Recovery Tee Shirt was the initial impetus for founding the organization. The post-surgical drain management garment was carefully designed with functionality, comfort, cost effectiveness, and fashion in mind. The organization is committed to excellence in post-surgical patient care with integrity and compassion, while supporting cancer research and patient education.

Our Mission

Courage to Conquer Cancer, a community health and patient education organization, is dedicated to promoting research, providing patient education, advocating for patients, ensuring quality, cost-effective services and making products available that will promote healing, reduce suffering, and improve post-surgical outcomes for cancer, cardiac surgery, dialysis, and other patients. Providing access to affordable products that aid in post-surgical management is the primary mission, but to be a resource for continued research, education and innovation is central to our mission.  

Target Population Served

All surgery patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer, heart disease, and/ or other health related issues. Primary population served is all surgical patients who require supplies (e.g., drain management Recovery Tee) to promote healing, reduce suffering and improve outcomes during recovery. Secondary targetpopulation is all patients with health-related needs when insurance and other financial resources have been exhausted. Physicians, patient navigators and/or social workers will provide the necessary referrals for such patients. The non-profit charity arm of Courage to Conquer Cancer will provide products (as these are available) to patients in need of financial assistance free of charge, upon referral by medical personnel.

How we are different

Unlike other community health, patient education and medical supply companies, we are a community-minded patient advocacy organization on a mission to transform post-surgical outcomes, with a primary emphasis on cancer patients. We provide support for those families facing an undue financial hardship during post-surgical care (cancer or other health conditions) by providing products free of charge.



Our Team  

Kandi Stewart, Co-Founder

Kandi Stewart is a wife, mother, teacher, breast cancer patient, soon to be survivor, and a warrior. Although she's still in her own fight, she's willing to fight alongside you, too. With the help of her family, her breast surgeon, and other mastectomy patients, Courage to Conquer Cancer's Recovery Tee went from "I want to give back to the those in the fight" to the mass production line. This allows her to hopefully make a difference in the fight against breast cancer by giving back to others because no one should ever go into battle alone. It is her hope that this might provide some battle gear during the fight and aid in the recovery. The warrior within her was made stronger by the support of the army surrounding her, and now she is willing to join your army to help support the warrior within you.

Kandi Stewart
Kristi Roberson-James, Co-Founder

Inspired by my loved ones who lost their battle to cancer and those family members (Kandi Stewart) currently in the war, fueled by caffeine, Kristi is the co-founder of Courage to Conquer Cancer, with a passion for making a difference in cancer care. I am a mom to three boys (Kaden, Tyler & Dalton) looking out at humanity asking, “can’t we make a difference in cancer care?” My hope with Courage to Conquer Cancer is to combine my knowledge, past experiences and passion to give back to others in an effective way and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of cancer patients. I am a determined dreamer, perhaps an idealist, on a mission to infinity and beyond to reach a destination beyond human suffering related to cancer.

I have worked as a breast health educator, patient educator, higher education administrator, adjunct professor, consultant, grant writer, and researcher. My titles over the years run the gamut, but I am passionate about using my strengths, skills and past experiences to give back, help others and make a difference in the care of patients. I have three amazing boys and a husband, Cliff James, who spends his days taking care of boys and girls as a passionate pediatrician, his true calling in life.

Our team is willing to join your battle through recovery and to survival. I would like nothing more than have you join our mission to promote breast health education and screening, advocate for patients, contribute to cancer research, ensure quality cancer care in recovery, and diminish suffering from cancer. Let us have the courage to begin conquering cancer.

Deuteronomy 31:6