“I would highly recommend this product. It’s a fabulous design with four large pockets, which easily held the drainage bulbs and secured the tubes. I love the ease of the snap-front. It’s a soft cotton so I don’t overheat. The sleeve length is perfect for comfort. It shipped right away. I was newly diagnosed and one of the owners was extremely helpful and even sent me an email. [She said], “I’ve been in your shoes. We started the business help others recover and get through breast cancer treatments and surgery more comfortably”. That kind of customer service is rare nowadays. I intend to purchase more of their wonderful products as I go through my breast cancer journey. They walk the walk and that is very reassuring to a customer.”

“I had two drains and these were perfect. I loved being able to secure the drains and hide all the tubing."

"This recovery shirt was the best gift I received! I wouldn't have wanted to go through the three weeks I had drains without it."

"Great idea at an affordable price. Thank you."

"This shirt was perfect; I wore it all the time even after drains were out.... so comfortable! I received a second shirt from a different source that had velcro - it was awful (too scratchy). Please keep the buttons and keep the cotton."

"This is a great recovery tee! I wore mine 24 hours a day until my drains were removed."

"Many thanks for the design. Most of my shirts are pull over the head and were very difficult at this time. Keep up the fight!" "Thank you for making a product for women in the fight that's affordable."

"The hospital gave me the shirt after surgery. It was a blessing! The only thing better would have been to have two shirts. I was so very blessed that I had my drains removed after only four days! I have continued, however, to sleep in my shirt as it is soft and easy to get on and off. Thank you for blessing me!"

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your recovery tee that I bought for a dear friend! I gave the shirt to help with Chemo. My friend loved the shirt for its comfort. She was able to wear the shirt out in public because it did not look like scrubs! Thanks for making a very comfortable shirt that is also affordable when going through chemo! Thanks." 

"After having a double mastectomy I lived in my recovery tees for the ten days I had my drains in. They made the entire process much more comfortable, and in a time when not much at all can be described as comfortable that alone was a big deal. I would recommend these tees for anyone who will have drains following a surgery!"

"The shirt has been amazing for me throughout my treatment! I used them during chemo and after my surgery. Having the buttons and pouches inside made going through my situation so much easier! In the midst of having to worry about everything else, the shirt provided easy and discreet access to my port for both my blood draws and my chemo treatment without ever having to wonder what others could see. After surgery, I used the pouches inside the shirt for my drain, and never had to worry about it pulling from the incision. I would recommend these shirts to anyone going through cancer with no reservations!" 

"Loved my shirt during chemo and for blood draws and transfusions. The best part was being allowed to wear it during radiation instead of the paper thin scrub tops. Thank you for thinking of those of us that don't have to have surgery too."

"As a breast cancer navigator, I meet with breast cancer survivors prior to surgery. We discuss the biology of their cancer, treatment plan and post-operative instructions. Survivors are facing so many issues prior to surgery and most patients biggest fear is how they will manage the JP drain and what type of clothing will work best after surgery. The Courage to Conquer Cancer recovery tee is soft and very functional. The recovery tee can be worn to post-operative visit with the plastic surgeon as well as to their chemotherapy appointment. Its design allows easy access for the physicians and nurses but provides comfort and privacy as well. I have given away several while the tees were being developed and the survivors are so excited and grateful to have something that will make things easier along their journey." Michelle Grodi RN, OCN, Breast Cancer Navigator, Texas Breast Specialist